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trade flows maps


Authors: Marisa Groenestege, Martijn Vis

Using the online visualization tool FlowmapBlue (, HARMONITOR graphically shows the intra- and extra-EU trade flows of the bio-based value chains that were selected within the project. The map shows the intra-EU and extra-EU trade flows, with data collected from Eurostat’s Easy Comext database and the UN’s Comtrade database. These intra-EU and extra-EU imports and exports are visualized in the map below. It is possible to see individual trade flows when hovering over arrows. It is also possible to see a country’s imports and exports of the product, when added to the search bar on the top right or by clicking on the dot presented in the middle of the country.

To see the trade flows of the other value chains, select the wanted value chain in the drop-down menu on the top left. Please also check the instructional video and the examples below.

Original link: Harmonitor - Intra- & Extra EU trade data - FlowmapBlue.

For more information and an analysis of the trade flow data, please find Deliverable 3.2 Preliminary report on trade flows of biological resources, bio-based materials and products. For more information on the collection of trade flow data, please read The Quest for EU Trade Data.

The interactive map includes trade data of 28 bio-based products at different steps of their value chains. These products can be categorized as bio-based chemicals (dedicated and drop-in), biological resources and bio-based textiles, as shown in the table below:

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