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Deliverable 7.1 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan


Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities play a vital role within the HARMONITOR project. The project aims at an adequate and effective dissemination of its results and fluent communication of its activities at every stage during the project lifetime. Exploitation activities aim at ensuring that project results and methodologies are used by policymakers and by the certification and labels community to keep improving their certification schemes and labels (CSLs). The main dissemination and communication tools (website, blogs, social media, participation in renowned conferences, meetings, networking events and workshops, scientific publications, etc.) are listed in detail in this plan. The relationship between tools and the different target groups is explained, alongside suggested indicators for actively monitoring effectiveness.

Deliverable 7.2 - Initial Data Management Plan


The data usage foreseen in the HARMONITOR project combines original data generated during the project with building on existing data from earlier work by partners and relevant published data. The type of data foreseen to be gathered includes Background information of existing European and International CSLs (Certification Schemes and Labels): qualitative data from open public consultation on existing CSL issues, qualitative data from interviews and meetings with CSL stakeholders, trade flow data of bio-based materials from Eurostat, Comext, STIX, or FAOSTAT, bio-based material product certification information and volumes, inventory of key aspects of CSLs, application of HARMONITOR system and indicators on CSLs, direct and Indirect costs to achieve, Cost Benefit Analysis Database.

Deliverable 3.1 - Selection of Bio-Based Value Chains


The HARMONITOR project aims to improve the effectiveness of certification schemes and labels (CSLs) in different sectors of the EU Bioeconomy and therewith strengthen their use as a co-regulation instrument. As part of this project, production and trade data will be collected on bio-based value chains and their levels of sustainability certification. As a first step, 35 value chains from biomass to bio-based products or materials needed to be selected for further assessment. Furthermore, this selection will be used for work to be performed in other tasks within the HARMONITOR project, i.e., the selection and assessment of certification schemes and labels (in short CSLs), and the assessment of costs, benefits, and economic feasibility of CSLs.

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